The journeys of knowledge and life.

Arts and wisdom resemble trips through each person’s psyche and life experiences: many books like the Odyssey, Ulysses, travel diaries, field notebooks, and all the physical and mental phenomena rep

Vida y Salud: What it means to turn 50

The word "ephemeris" (celebration) comes from the contraction of two ancient Greek roots: epi (upon) + hemera (day). This contraction is also found in other words such as ephemeral (that which lasts o

Take care of allergies and have better trips.

Besides being annoying, allergies can endanger your life. Know yourself and get checked before a trip to avoid mishaps, and when all else fails, follow these measures of prevention and care.

Relax during the holidays, while taking care of your health.

Sometimes we think, wrongly, that the holidays involve the suspension of care, and then we come back from them with aches and pains. Taking good care of yourself during the holidays is easy, and its b

2016: Medellin reduced poverty. Challenges in health, air quality and social investment remain.

Among the major cities and metropolitan areas in Colombia, Medellin was the city that reduced extreme poverty the most last year, lowering rates from 3.3% in 2015 to 2.9% in 2016. It also reduced pove

Vida y Salud 50th Issue 50: The Golden Anniversary of our engagement with your health.

At Vida y Salud we are celebrating our fiftieth edition, our Golden Jubilee of commitment to the health and welfare of the community. It has been seven years of research, writing, and positive interve

The greatest allies of nutrition.

September is coming and, with it, our flagship project, the Second Week of Intelligent Nutrition: Science, Culture and Public Management. In this long journey of planning and development we have had s

From: The sages of history. To: The youth of today.

A treasure we lose and never find again, the wished-for effect of a magical fountain, the vigor and the audacity, the education and the uncertainty… Youth obsesses us at every level, for we see in i

Dose by dose.

A new law established measures to protect the elderly: Anyone who abandons an elderly person over 60 years of age who is under their care, and anyone who responsible of issues related to their "hygien

E-Health: Challenges and opportunities for young people.

A lack of knowledge is not an excuse: it is a symptom of indolence towards your well-being. Take advantage of online resources and empower yourself regarding your health and well-being.

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