Vida y Salud: What it means to turn 50

22 de Agosto del 2017

The word "ephemeris" (celebration) comes from the contraction of two ancient Greek roots: epi (upon) + hemera (day). This contraction is also found in other words such as ephemeral (that which lasts only one day) and this association should exhort us to celebrate, to take advantage of every chance, to live according to the philosophy of carpe diem. The Greek term (ephemeral) was adopted initially by the Latin medical community to describe disorders that lasted only one day, in opposition to cottidianus and diarius which meant the same thing outside of clinical jargon. Ephemeris, therefore, are celebrations that slip out of our fingers if we do not grasp them firmly, because they are ephemeral, just like our health when we do not take good care of it.


In our culture, the number "50" also has a festive connotation: in the decimal system we use, it signals the flowering of goals in the process of execution, because it affirms the achievement of half of the round and perfect development represented by 100. In addition, in the West we associate the 50th anniversaries with the most precious of metals, and denote their celebration as golden weddings, because they are associated with nobility, character, and duration.


However, the numbering system that best expresses the meaning of the number 50 in terms of celebrations is that of the Romans. Remember that, for the ancient settlers of Rome, this amount was expressed with the symbol "L". In this form we find an angle formed by two lines and a corner. This, in our case, represents the long existence of our publication, its present festive point of break, and the luminous future that we have yet to achieve. The past, represented by one of the lines, is our seven years of work: it is the vital and productive experience that we have gone through in the company of our audience and collaborators. The future, embodied in the other line, is the potential that we develop every day towards improvement. And the corner, a symbol of change, but also of continuity in our purposes, raises our commitment to the level of permanent reinvention, without leaving aside our accumulated experience or our future yearnings.


This new edition, therefore, implies a recapitulation and transformation. We recapitulate our past by reviving our usual section structure, and by remembering our successes, collaborators, editions, and other milestones of our trajectory. And, at the same time, we transform ourselves, because our new design (more pleasant and appropriate to the times we live) is just an opening for the changes that are coming for Vida y Salud. For our 100th edition, the goal is to extend the work of our journalistic media to the multimedia sphere, producing impressive audiovisual content focused on health and well-being. And, besides, being faithful to our mission and achievements, we contemplate extending the page-length of our newspaper until we double it: all this because we have that many lessons have to share with you.


This celebration is, therefore, an occasion to celebrate, to plan, and to thank. Many thanks to our team and to the public that follows us month after month in our various formats (print, web, social networks): this triumph, more than our own, is of all Antioquia.


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