Vida y Salud 50th Issue 50: The Golden Anniversary of our engagement with your health.

22 de Agosto del 2017

At Vida y Salud we are celebrating our fiftieth edition, our Golden Jubilee of commitment to the health and welfare of the community. It has been seven years of research, writing, and positive interventions in the quality of life of the populations of Antioquia, and what we have achieved would have been impossible without our team and without the constant and continuous relationship we have had with our audience.

Vida y Salud began in 2010 as the incarnation of a dream of building communities around issues related to health and well-being within Antioquia. And, with time and the dedication of our staff and numerous local, regional, national, and global partners, we have managed to expand our aspirations and become a publication of international scope that does not lose sight of local needs.

We have maintained our information channels consistently open: via our website (, our social networks (Facebook and Instagram: @periodicovidaysalud) and the production of bilingual content, we expand our audience every day, and extend our range to the entire globe.

The goals of Vida y Salud, realized by faithfully following our vision and mission, have been promoting individual and collective strategies related to the processes that determine a healthy life. We have intensified and improved health communications in the department of Antioquia by celebrating and condemning key moments in the health processes and projects related to our populations, and through our efforts at turning the sometimes unintelligible language of science and politics into easily understandable words and images for everyone.

Our approach has been, always, plural, inclusive, and responsible: no subject is disdained as too complex or obvious, nor by what or whom it criticizes, congratulates or promote. Being committed to the promotion of health and well-being demands sincerity, creativity, research and hard work, but reaching more than 120,000 people every month and knowing that our dedication influences the flowering of each individual and their community is a valuable reward for our efforts.

Our conglomerate of strategies.

Vida y Salud is part of the business group Comunidad Gestión y Desarrollo, a multidisciplinary conglomerate dedicated to the active intervention of the health of Colombians from all areas of knowledge and action. With the passage of time, Vida y Salud has flourished and its parallel projects have also borne fruit.

At Comunidad Gestión y Desarrollo S.A.S, while being engaged with the health of Antioquia carried out by Vida y Salud, we also expand constantly looking to reach every sector related to health, culture and welfare. Thus, our sister publication Vision Total Caribe is a close relative of ours, but with a focus on the beautiful and rich Caribbean region of our country. There, culture, health, heritage, education and current affairs are addressed in a simple and enjoyable way, with pleasant design and cutting-edge and award-winning journalists from international competitions. As an example, suffice it to recall our journalist Victor Menco Haeckermann awarded  this year with the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Journalism 2017 Grant by the New Iberoamerican Journalism Foundation. This award, shared with journalists from international media from the likes of BBC, The New York Times, VICE and La Nacion (Argentina), certifies the quality of our achievements and emphasizes our commitment and relationship to the world.

In addition to media projects, Comunidad Gestión y Desarrollo S.A.S, also has more immediate approaches to the community. The best example of this is our series of events Week of Smart Nutrition, which will hold its second edition in September this year in venues throughout the city of Medellin.


While Vida y Salud is aimed at a constant audience who enjoys improving their quality of life through readings that guide their daily lives, the Week of Smart Nutrition intervenes directly in the audience through live events related to the areas of nutrition and health. Our approaches this year, focusing on the areas of Science, Culture and Public Management, will definitely leave people talking… about ways to take better nutritional care of themselves.

Other allies of Vida y Salud focus on environmental, social, scientific and cultural issues. For instance, Manglares 360 is a media alliance between our group and the School of Biology at Universidad of Antioquia to preserve the richness of coastal mangroves in the Caribbean coast of Antioquia, while promoting economic and social well-being in the populations that surround them. Similarly, we represent Risk Management at a regional level, advising the business sector on the implementation of the Management System for Safety and Health at Work, which exerts an active role in improving the living conditions in Antioquia.


And we also have several projects in progress that we hope to bring to light soon, including a publication about science, one about public health, and one multichannel strategy for the generation and activation of brands. Finally, we have in mind another publication about nutrition services, health, and tourism, which while initially focused in Medellin, soon should reach the national level.

Structured we function better.
Vida y Salud strongly believes that health and wellness are processes that occur gradually and involve all manifestations related to humans: our strategies recognize the need to act timely and with constancy and perseverance and the fact that, as humans, we are complex beings determined by the interplay of our most diverse dimensions. For this reason, although we have a relatively fixed structure in terms of sections and approaches, we have never feared devoting a few extra pages to the most urgent topics: our goal is to build culture around health, not to stick to a mold.

The architecture of Vida y Salud is founded on five sections that are present in each edition. "Health Education" focuses on the relationship between these two human topics in coordination with local political and educational institutions. "Knowing and acting" seeks to instantiate theory into practice, in order to empower each individual with health-related knowledge. "The truths of ..." is a space that denounces the falsity of certain myths about health, while sponsoring a partnership between scientific knowledge and healthy routines. "Balance", our nutrition section, comes with tips and strategies about the intimate relationship between what we eat and how we live. And, "Sexuality", as its name implies, seeks to disseminate veridic knowledge that make this human dimension a safer process of personal enrichment. Finally, with "Dose by dose", we provide encapsulated information in a short and concise manner, promoting the rapid flow of news and information about scientific issues.

However, the star of our publication is our monthly section devoted to special topics. Over seven years, we have dedicated our monthly "Special" to diverse health issues of Antioquia. For example, we have pontificated on the relationship between the city, civic culture and health, and have addressed issues of utmost importance on the health of men, women and children. We have also promoted dialogue between education and health, and special health issues on topics like health during the holidays, in the school season, related to vaccination ... Recalling the complexity of human existence and remembering our commitment to intervene every moment of every sector of the Antiochian populations is our constant calling

Our team and our allies.
Communication only occurs when an effective interaction occurs between a transmitter and a receiver. And in Vida y Salud we recognize the vital role that each agent exercises in communication processes.

Our team has been composed, as always, by highly qualified personnel in various academic disciplines. Our Director, Beatriz Gonzalez Ramirez, formed in Communication and Corporate Relations, Marketing Management, and Marketing and Sales in the sector of Health by the Faculty of Medicine of the UdeA, is a woman who is passionate about her life project and who has been highlighted in public relations and health journalism: she is the one who generates the general thematic lines that guide our work. Our editorial team is currently led by Olga Lucía Muñoz, a journalist with wide popularity in the area of ??health that serves as Macroeditor of journalistic content, and by Camilo Esteban Ramírez, philosopher and humanist of the University of Antioquia that, as Scientific Editor, leads the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Our newest member in the editorial board is Silvia Méndez, a Computer Scientist turned into coach fitness and expert in holistic health, who, from New York, Puerto Rico, Colorado or anywhere in the world, discusses every month several strategies to achieve wellness at every level.

We also have a visual creative team that translates our ideas into infographics, images and diagrams, transforming our speeches and proposals into entertaining publications with accessible, fun and attractive design. Currently this team is led by Valentina León, graphic designer from UPB, who currently serves as chief designer of our business conglomerate. And, committed to the administrative area, we have Ana Mirley Rodríguez: her commitment and dedication make her a very prominent person within the support team.

In these seven years, we have beautiful stories of credibility like the vote of confidence we received from the endearing Doña Lucia de la Cuesta de Londoño. This was a woman who always said that there were many people doing wonderful things and that the ideal was for them to join up, trying to "help connect small things". Thus she described her invaluable work, performed between the needy and those who could help them. Vida y Salud was one of her latest inspirations and one of the reasons why "Lucia will endure among us."
For his part, Father Horacio Arango, from the Center for Faith and Culture of Medellin, was also a pillar of support in the celebration of our five years, a beautiful Eucharistic celebration at the Center for Faith and Culture. There, we were surrounded by attendants like Dr. Beatriz Restrepo Gallego, a prominent social leader, philosopher and educator, endowed with a unique social sensitivity to equity and social justice. Other special beings have accompanied us with their dedication, professionalism and dedication, such as Carolina Usma, graphic designer, and today collaborator of El Colombiano, who was from the beginning with Vida y Salud and gave life to our logo and our brand. Other wonderful professionals have gone through our company leaving a legacy of commitment with their love for the dream of improving the health of others: they include the social communicator and journalist Gerardo Pérez Peñaranda; the designer Íngrid Velez; the Logistics Director of the First Week of Smart Nutrition 2016, Yudy Arenas; and Ms. Viviana Melguizo, our general secretary. Each and every one of them have made this dream come true. For all of them, who celebrate with us this special occasion, a sincere thank you.

Countless companies and entities have believed in us, such as Edessa, EPM Medellin Alcaldía de Medellín, the Faculty of Public Health UdeA, the Sede de Invetigación Universitaria, Comfama, Group of Neurosciences UdeA, Saluspot España, CES University, Universidad de Antioquia, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Metropolitan area, Socya, Ecosesa, Comfamiliar, Camacol and Coodan, among others. Heartfelt thanks to them for making our achievements possible.

And to do justice to reality, our most sincere and profound gratitude goes to those who guarantee the communication experience of our newspaper: our audience. Thanks for being there, attentive to our messages and your own health, going to the delivery stations of Vida y Salud, interacting with our publications and online campaigns, taking better care every day, and replicating lessons and strategies in your personal lives and in your community, after receiving them from us every month.

For each and every one of you, thank you very much.

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