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22 de Agosto del 2017

September is coming and, with it, our flagship project, the Second Week of Intelligent Nutrition: Science, Culture and Public Management. In this long journey of planning and development we have had successful partnerships with educational and governmental entities who, with their diligent support, have contributed greatly to it. By way of gratitude to these partners and in order to provide updates on some novelties, we wish to review some of our key collaborations.

Our main ally in these tasks has been the University of Antioquia, represented by its Departments of University Welfare and Extension, its School of Nutrition and Dietetics, and SIU, its research headquarters. From all of them we have received invaluable logistical support and academic guidance. In addition, its spaces will host one of our massive free seminars on the theme "Learning to Buy Food", which will be held at the Teatro Camilo Torres on Monday September 2. In addition, the Faculty of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences has become a participant in a new collaboration we hope to carry out: some interesting joint effort for the World Nutrition Day to be held on October 16.

And, at the present, we are in the process of closing a macroalliance with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), who will become co-organizer of the Second Week of Smart Nutrition, contributing to finalize details about planning.



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