September 24: Walking for a better life

22 de Agosto del 2017

In Vida y Salud we believe that health is a conjugate of physical well-being, mental tranquility and social relations of support. That is why we have developed a free and massive event in the framework of the Second Week of Smart Nutrition, where we will encourage healthy habits at all levels with a fun walk and a delicious picnic. And the date, September 24, could not be more appropriate, as it adds us to the National Day Against Obesity and Overweight.

The trek will start at the old toll of the School of Engineering, near Alto de las Palmas, and will have transportation for those who require it. Due to its level of difficulty - between 3 and 4—, it is intended only for adults: those who respond to the call must do so without the accompaniment of minors. After about four hours of walking, participants will find a picnic, supported by the Green Markets program, where they will have a space of rest, recreation, and gastronomic delight.

We will promote healthy life habits from at least four strategies: (1) A walk of relative intensity, suitable for improving cardiovascular health from physical exercise. (2) The landscape and the outdoors, which, being relaxing, reduce stress. (3) The route will be full of messages that will provide guidance about the lowering of consumption of fats, carbohydrates and sodium. And, (4) We will invade the world with positive messages via social networks and streaming: with selfies, hashtags and, above all, with your presence, we will replicate the positive, healthy and pedagogical experiences of our walk.

Sign up at:, Tel: 3221873.

Alejandro Echavarría Calderón, Cel: 3015358364


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