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22 de Agosto del 2017

By: Silvia Méndez, Holistic Health and Fitness Advisor.


I've always been told that age is on the inside. If so, then I am 26 years old! Hahaha. During the course of my life I have met young people with the soul of old people, and old people with the soul of children.


In recent years I have also realized that we look older when we are sick. We get bags under the eyes, the skin looks withered and looks emaciated, hair falls, etc. As diseases go away, the years that we earn with them disappear too.


Our mental and emotional state also impacts the age we look like. If you are depressed you look tired and aged, while when we are jovial and smile, we take a few decades off.


And obviously: the food! We are what we eat, and there are foods that help us gain vitality, combat depression, regenerate cells, and look and feel younger!


Loving our colon is the way to the eternal youth


Did you know that happiness is born in the colon? Much of our endorphins is produced there! That is why, when you eat too much, you end up “feeling sad.” And who wants to feel bad because of gluttony? It is better to eat fairly and be happy.


It is also true that all diseases begin in the colon, because it contains important tissues of the immune system.


Let's see it this way: the internal organs are protected by the skin, but, if you think about it, we have two skins: the external one, in contact with the world around us; and the internal one, which is composed of the digestive system, and goes from the mouth to the anus.


The food we eat is processed by the digestive system. The digestion of carbs begins in the mouth through saliva, and the proteins and fats finish their processing in the colon. It is the colon that decides what serves and what is discarded, and this decision is taken by the intestinal flora, an important player in the system of body defenses. When our colon is sick, it absorbs toxins that it should not, and they cause several diseases when they enter the blood flow.


Foods that rejuvenate


Some foods that help lose years and wrinkles are:

? Aloe Vera

? It contains polysaccharides that accelerate healing processes. When we anoint it on the face or hair, aloe helps nourish the skin and improve the circulation of the blood vessels that nourish the skin. Aloe compounds can even help fight rosacea and heal burns.

? If we eat aloe gel in a smoothie, it does the same with our internal skin, accelerating the healing of ulcers and wounds throughout our digestive system. Aloe Vera helps our colon feel happy and refreshed.

? Collagen (or gelatin)

? Collagen comes from bone marrow. It helps to regenerate tissues of any kind: bones, nerves, muscles, etc. When one has an acidic diet (with lots of meat, coffee and grains), the colon suffers from an enlargement in the pores that absorb food. This causes larger particles of food to pass into the organs. The immune system identifies these pieces of food as "enemies" and attacks them. This has been suggested as an explanation for epidemics of autoimmune diseases.

? Eating collagen every day helps these pores close and return to their natural size, helping to protect us from disease.

? A popular way to consume collagen is having a bone soup for breakfast (sorry vegetarian friends).

? Collagen also makes the hair shinier and thicker, and it vanishes wrinkles

? Gelatine has collagen, so adding a couple of tablespoons to your favorite juice helps your body regenerate at the cellular level.

? Probiotics (ferments, bacilli)

? These bacteria enter and reproduce within our digestive system and become microscopic soldiers who defend the body against pesky and harmful invaders. Probiotics are also in fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, or pickles: but only in sour pickles. Not in the sweet ones!

? Red fruits

? As you know, red fruits are high in antioxidants: they are magnets for potentially harmful particles that oxidize the organs. Once they are adhered to antioxidants, they are evacuated through urine and excretion.

? These fruits have high doses vitamin C, which promotes blood circulation. It also provides essential minerals.

? Ginger

? Ginger helps cleanse the liver, which is responsible for generating blood and controlling the amount of toxins and nutrients in the body.

? This plant is very versatile and has many uses: It helps, for instance, to remove stains and promote skin elasticity.

? Pineapple

? Applying a mask of this tropical fruit can work miracles for the skin, since its bromelain and papain components have been shown to cleanse the pores and get rid of dead skin cells. It is also an excellent moisturizer.

? Green plants

? Green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach usually have high concentrations of chlorophylls that help the liver to remove toxins from the body.


? Water is the most abundant element of the human body and is the purest natural form of defense against skin damage. Consume it frequently to keep you young and happy.



In the modern world we are surrounded by pollution, chemicals and particles that harm our body. Part of the solution is to eat well, but another great part is to use organic personal grooming products.


For example: Replace your chemical make-up remover with a healthy jojoba oil. Instead of using deodorants with aluminum, use baking soda or a Himalayan salt bar. You can also replace household cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda.


This helps us to avoid breathing or being in contact with so many toxins that degrade the health of our skin.


We can all feel and look much younger and more jovial! It is not difficult and, indeed, it is delicious!


For a pleasant cellular regeneration!





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